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This page is here to get you started with software and files you’ll need for the workshops. It will probably be easiest to get everything you need if you work through the steps below one at a time.

Software needs

All software required for this class is freely available and easily installed. Please download and install the most recent versions of each before the workshop. Instructional videos and download links are provided below.

Download and install R

For Windows or Mac . You should download the most recent versions for your operating system. Accept the default options.

Download and install RStudio

Rstudio download site. You should download the most recent version. This program will not work without an existing installation of R. Also accept default installation options.

Video instructions for installing R and RStudio
If you are more of a visual learner, here are a couple of YouTube videos that walk through installation on Windows and Mac OS-X. If you are using linux, you know what to do.

3 minute YouTube video for Mac
3 minute YouTube video for Windows

Video instructions for getting started with R and RStudio
It may be helpful to watch a couple of YouTube videos before the workshop, especially if you are stuck already (no shame). There are tons of them out there, including some that walk you through how to install and open R and RStudio. This year, we are making this content available through the R4NALMS Youtube channel to which you can subscribe.

Download and install Microsoft Teams

The desktop version will work best. The workshop will work best for you if you install Teams on the same computer as R so you can share code snippets and share screens in help channels. A web cam is not required. You may also wish to watch a quick YouTube video before the workshop on how to use Teams. We will cover briefly in the days leading up to the workshop.

Here is a brief instructional video from the R4NALMS YouTube Channel demonstrating how to Download and install MS Teams for the workshop.

Data and code files

All data and code files needed for both sessions are located here . There are instructions for downloading the workshop content as a compressed (ZIP) folder and extracting content in the README that should display at the bottom of the page linked.

Here is a quick demo from the R4NALMS YouTube Channel: Downloading R4NALMS workshop files. We’ll be adding content to the channel in the days leading up to the workshop!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Data are provided for educational purposes only unless otherwise noted.